Guidelines For Membership


Active Member

To qualify as an Active Member, a candidate must serve in a senior finance capacity for their employer, meaning that he/she is a member of the executive and/or management team bearing responsibility and authority for conducting the financial affairs of the organization. The Club actively encourages the most senior financial officers of an organization to nominate for membership individuals holding finance positions which directly report to them. It is anticipated that titles for such next level positions may include Vice President of Finance, or Vice President and Controller, with some variation in such titles.  It shall be the candidate’s responsibility to provide to his/her sponsor and to the Membership Committee adequate evidence that he/she serves in a senior finance capacity and is professionally well-qualified for membership.

Retired Member

The category of Retired Member shall apply to any formerly Active Member who has maintained membership status with the Club but no longer serves in a senior finance capacity for an employer on a full time basis, nor consults on a regular basis in such capacity.  Retired members are most welcome participants in the Club's activities and are financially incentivized to continue such engagement through reduced dues and event fees.

In Transition Member

The category of In Transition Member shall apply to currently unemployed candidates who previously held a qualifying Active Member position during at least one of the past five years.  Members may remain in the category for a maximum of two consecutive years at the specified reduced dues rate, with renewal evaluated annually.  At the end of the second year, an In Transition Member will convert to an Active Member or Retired Member. 

Friend Member

The purpose of the Friend of the Club membership is to build mutually beneficial relationships with non-finance professionals who will actively work to enhance the vibrancy of the Club. All applications must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a current Active or Retired Member along with a statement of interest and support of the Club’s activities. 

Friend Members are expected to attend events and to actively participate in the recruitment of new members by bringing at least five qualified candidates annually as paid guests, and otherwise introducing the Club to prospective members.  Friends shall actively participate in and support member networking events, including financially sponsoring or hosting an event at least once each season.  These are individual memberships, not corporate memberships, meaning that individual members of these organizations are expected be in attendance when their invited guests attend. The Membership Committee shall periodically review Friend Membership levels and individual participation to ensure mutually beneficial.

To maintain the quality of experience of the Club being member driven, the number of Friend members shall be capped at no more than 5% of total membership. To further enhance mutual benefit of the Friend membership, there shall be not more than two of members from each of the following categories: Legal, Accounting, Executive Search, Commercial Banking, Other Financial Services. Such distribution to be periodically reviewed by the Membership Committee.

F. Gorham Brigham, Jr. Honorary Member

The F. Gorham Brigham, Jr. Honorary Member recognition category is reserved for individuals who embody the principles and values of the Club’s co-founder F. Gorham Brigham, Jr.  General eligibility guidelines for this recognition are reserved for individuals who have demonstrated substantial contributions and outstanding service to the Treasurers’ Club of Boston, been a long-term member, and/or served with distinction in senior financial capacity in the Greater Boston community and have retired from an active financial position or from the Club.  The F. Gorham Brigham, Jr. Honorary Member Committee comprised of several Trustees of the Club will discuss and review potential candidates for recognition and if warranted provide a recommendation to the Club’s Officers and Trustees for consideration and approval. 

Candidate Recommendations

Upon satisfying oneself that a candidate meets the above stated qualifications, a current Club member in good standing may recommend the candidate in writing, including necessary evidence supporting membership guidelines, to the Club’s Treasurer.  Should the candidate not be well known to the officers, it will usually be requested of the sponsor that he/she invite the candidate to attend a regular meeting of the Club for the purpose of meeting the officers and other members. One luncheon fee for the qualified prospective member shall be paid for by the Club. The Membership Committee will act upon the membership recommendation within a reasonable period of time.


An original and continuing purpose of the Club is to provide frequent occasions for informal, sociable and interesting interactions among senior financial officers of leading organizations in the Greater Boston community. For an individual, the value of membership is directly related to one's interest in the Club and ability to attend Club events. It is desired that all members - old as well as new - attend at least three events each year.  In cases involving candidates where the prospect for active participation and reasonably regular attendance is not promising, membership is discouraged.  It is hoped that members will keep this in mind and explore the subject with candidates when considering recommending them for membership.

Active and Friend members, when they are unable to attend, are encouraged to invite a senior colleague from their organization to attend in their place. All members are encouraged to bring guests regularly, whether or not candidates for membership.